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Holiday rentals, cottages in Neufmoutiers en Brie - Seine et Marne

Self catering accommodation, chalet, holiday home in Neufmoutiers en Brie and near Neufmoutiers en Brie
for your holidays in Seine et Marne and Paris-Ile-de-France

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Camping *** Soleil de Crecy

Campsite in Crécy la Chapelle
77580 Crécy la Chapelle ♦ Seine et Marne

179€ / 980€

Rental for 2 à 8 people

In 12 km* from Neufmoutiers en Brie

Camping 3 stars nestled in a natural setting in the heart of Brie, offering relaxation and tranquility. Come and enjoy our mobile homes, the countryside but also the entertainment and lights of Paris for a short or long stay.
map Nearby: Paris - Disneyland Paris
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Camping **** Paris Est

Campsite in Champigny sur Marne
94500 Champigny sur Marne ♦ Val de Marne

609€ / 903€

Rental for 2 à 6 people

In 24 km* from Neufmoutiers en Brie

Located less than 10 km from Paris, this 4-star campsite is ideal for enjoying the calm of an old village of market gardeners and artisans. You can easily access Paris and play the tourists or find a child's soul by visiting Disneyland Paris.
map Nearby: Paris - Disneyland - Versaille - Notre Dame - Le Louvre
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Holiday rentals Neufmoutiers en Brie

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