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Chez Lila des Bois

Unusual stay in a bubble in Nointel
60840 Nointel ♦ Oise

Rental for 2 people

Nointel Bubble igloo with romantic decoration located in a flower garden, less than 45 minutes from Paris and Asterix Park, in the countryside. You can enjoy the exteriors always cared for with several terraces, solarium and sunbeds, swimming pool free access from June to September and a jacuzzi!
map Nearby: Beauvais - Compiègne - Chantilly
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Unusual stay in perched hut in Picardy near NointelAdd sélection
Au Refuge des 3 Ours

Perched huts in Essuilles
60510 Essuiles ♦ Oise

Rental for 2-4 people

In 18 km* from Nointel

The Refuge of 3 bears is proud to suggest you spending unusual night in a hut perched in trees or on piles, near Beauvais. Everything is conceived there to get fresh ideas to you and rediscover the joy of living in a natural environment.
map Nearby: Beauvais - Compiègne
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Le Pré des Moines

Transparent bubble in Saint Leu d'Esserent
60340 Saint Leu d Esserent ♦ Oise

Rental for 2 people

In 20 km* from Nointel

Try an unusual and romantic night, just 45 minutes from Paris and 3km from Chantilly! Come escape and enjoy an exceptional night under the stars, surrounded by nature, in a transparent bubble. You will sleep under the trees in a real cozy nest, away from all eyes ... A resolutely cosmic and poetic experience ... A unique moment to live with two ...
map Nearby: Compiègne - Senlis - Chantilly - La Mer de Sable - Le Parc Astérix - Château de Chantilly
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