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Rental Somme

Holiday rentals, cottages in Péronne - Somme

Self catering accommodation, chalet, holiday home in Péronne and near Péronne
for your holidays in Somme and Picardy

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Camping Le Brochet

Holiday rentals in Peronne
80200 Péronne ♦ Somme

400€ / €

Rental for 2 ŕ 6 people

Péronne The Le Brochet municipal campsite is located on the edge of a pond, in Péronne in the Somme, in Picardy, here lovers of nature and history will find material to enhance their holidays. For your leisure activities, you will benefit from a bowling green, a ping pong table and a playground for the little ones. You can also enjoy an outdoor swimming pool 200 m away. 250 m from the campsite, a restaurant welcomes you to help you discover the specialties of the region.
map Nearby: Amiens
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Unusual holiday accommodation in the Aisne, Picardy. near PéronneAdd sélection
La Verdine

Gypsy caravan in Dury
02480 Dury ♦ Aisne

Rental for 2-4 people

In 25 km* from Péronne

Gypsy caravan in the heart of the Aisne, 19 km from Saint-Quentin... treat yourself to an extraordinary stay and discover the spirit of freedom that reigns in this place cradled by nature and bohemian life!
map Nearby:
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Holiday rentals Péronne

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