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La Linotte

Bed and Breakfast in Vallières
23120 Vallieres ♦ Creuse

75€ / 200€

Vallieres Discover the Creuse at the gates of the capital of the tapestry, Pascal and France will be happy to welcome you in B & B in their lovely house end of the 18th. They will be available to help you discover the region with all its twists and enjoy their pool.
map Nearby: Aubusson - Felletin - Bourganeuf - Aubusson
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Le Vieux Presbytère de Felletin

Bed and Breakfast in Felletin
23500 Felletin ♦ Creuse

60€ / 87€

In 12 km* from Vallieres

Vallieres Guest rooms in a house (18th century) located in the heart of the beautiful city of Felletin, the cradle of the tapestry, near Aubusson. Three large guest rooms steeped in history (as the furniture that the dresses), all with an undeniable touch of luxury.
map Nearby: Aubusson - Gueret - Ussel - Bourganeuf - Lac Vassivière - Plateau de Millevaches
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Bed and Breakfast near Aubusson in the Limousin, France. near VallieresAdd sélection
Le Moulin du Chet

Bed and Breakfast in Saint Avit de Tardes
23200 Saint Avit de Tardes ♦ Creuse

60€ / 65€

In 20 km* from Vallieres

Vallieres Placed at the edge of the Tardes (river), 10 km from Aubusson, international city of the tapestry, the mill was eco-rehabilitated by the architects and the owners, Charlotte and Pierre, from local and natural materials: wood, earth, straw... In this exceptional environment, the mill proposes a B&B, where you can relax for your stay in the Limousin.
map Nearby: Aubusson - Felletin - Crocq - Château de Villemonteix - île de Vassivière
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B&B Vallieres

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