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 Chambres d'hotes Ault
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Bed & Breakfast in Ault - Somme

B&B, guest rooms in Ault and near Ault
for your holidays in Somme and Picardy

Bed and Breakfast on the Somme Bay near AultAdd sélection
La Salicorne

Bed and Breakfast in Routhiauville - Pendé
80230 Routhiauville ♦ Somme

85€ / 85€

In 13 km* from Ault

Ault La Salicorne is a property independent on the owners house including two rooms in B&B on the theme of the Somme Bay, a beautiful view on the garden, 2km from Saint Valéry Sur Somme.
map Nearby: Le Tréport - Mers les Bains - Abbeville - St Valery/Somme - Cayeux/Mer - Le Crot
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Bed & breakfast in Favières Somme Bay near AultAdd sélection
La Vieille Forge

B&B in Favières
80120 Favières ♦ Somme

80€ / 130€

In 22 km* from Ault

Ault In the heart of the baie de Somme, calm down and well-being in 5 guest rooms "3 epis", all comfort, each with independent entry on a case of greenery. After substantial and greedy breakfast, us shall guide you for the discovery of our magnificent region.
map Nearby: Baie de Somme - Parc du Marquenterre
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B&B in the Somme, Picardy. near AultAdd sélection
Chambres d'hôtes de la Bretagnère

Bed and Breakfast in Villers sur Authie
80120 Villers sur Authie ♦ Somme

65€ / 76€

In 30 km* from Ault

Ault Bed and breakfast ideally situated close to the Somme and Authie Bays... our property will allow you to take advantage of the sea while savoring the peace of the countryside. Comfort and peace of mind will be for your program, with however the closeness of the Park of Marquenterre, beaches of Fort-Mahon, Quend, Le Crotoy, Saint-Valery, the Abbey of Valloires and the Big Natural Site that the Picardy Coast.
map Nearby: Rue - Berck - Abbeville - Amiens - Le Crotoy - Saint Valery - Fort Mahon - Quend Plage
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B&B Ault

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