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Rental Marne

Holiday rentals, cottages in Chigny les Roses - Marne

Self catering accommodation, chalet, holiday home in Chigny les Roses and near Chigny les Roses
for your holidays in Marne and Champagne-Ardennes

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Domaine du Chalet

Perched hut in Chigny les Roses
51500 Chigny les Roses ♦ Marne

Rental for 2 people

Chigny les Roses Opt for an unusual experience perched in the trees, in the heart of the Montagne de Reims natural park, in Chigny les Roses. This cocoon benefits from all the necessary comfort: a large double bed, a lounge area, a bathroom nestled in the branches and a suspended terrace.
map Nearby: Reims - Vignobles de Champagne
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Unusual holiday accommodation in the Marna, Champagne. near Chigny les RosesAdd sélection
Les Cabanes de la Presle

Perched hut in Nanteuil la Foręt
51480 Nanteuil la Foręt ♦ Marne

Rental for 2 people

In 24 km* from Chigny les Roses

Rental of a hut perched 5m high, in the Regional Natural Park of the Montagne de Reims, between Reims and Epernay. An unforgettable experience with a breathtaking view of the Presle garden and the environment.
map Nearby: Reims - Epernay - Vignobles de Champagne
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Holiday rentals Chigny les Roses

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