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Rental Maine-et-Loire

Holiday rentals, cottages in Daumeray - Maine et Loire

Self catering accommodation, chalet, holiday home in Daumeray and near Daumeray
for your holidays in Maine et Loire and Pays-de-Loire

Holiday home in Daumeray
49640 Daumeray ♦ Maine et Loire

800€ / 1200€

Rental for 9-15 people

Daumeray Holiday cottage in the wing of a lodging house of the 16th century at the heart of a hamlet classified near Anjou and near the Loire valley. Accommodation facilities for 15 people in 6 bedrooms with 5 shower-rooms.
map Nearby: Angers - Sable sur Sarthe - Le Fleche - Durtal
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campsite mobilhome in the Maine et Loire, France near DaumerayAdd sélection
Camping *** Les portes de l'Anjou

Camping in Durtal
49430 Durtal ♦ Maine et Loire

195€ / €

Rental for 2 à 6 people

In 10 km* from Daumeray

The campsite offers rental of mobile homes in lush greenery by the river. You can make free use of the municipal swimming pool with direct access from the campsite. During the summer school holidays, family activities are offered. Ideal for exploring the region, the campsite offers bicycle and kayak rental. During your stay, you can take advantage of various services offered in the snack bar, pizzeria, bread store or even a grocery store.
map Nearby: Angers - Le Mans - Saumur - La Flêche - Chateau de la Loire - Zoo
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Holiday home close to Angers in the Pays de la Loire near DaumerayAdd sélection
Gïte les Glycines

Holiday home in Rives du Loir en Anjou
49140 Rives du Loir en Anjou ♦ Maine et Loire

390€ / 480€

Rental for 6-8 people

In 18 km* from Daumeray

Our gite is situated in 13 km from Angers (close to the Val de Loire and to the Brittany) in a natural environment with numerous activities (fishing, hike, beach, visits of historic monuments). Holiday cottage of charm within which you will find the alliance of the former and the modern which make the authenticity of this place (visible stones and rustic beams).
map Nearby: Angers - Nantes - Le Mans - Le Lion d'Angers - Terre Botanica - Zoo - Musées
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Unusual holiday in a gypsy caravan in France. near DaumerayAdd sélection
Roulotte du château du Plessis-Bourré

Gypsy caravan in Soulaire et Bourg
49460 Soulaire et Bourg ♦ Maine et Loire

Rental for 2-3 people

In 19 km* from Daumeray

Gypsy caravan ideally located 15 minutes from Angers, in the 50ha park of the sublime Château du Plessis-Bourré, classified as a Historic Monument, combining elegance and tranquility. You can enjoy a guided tour of the castle and enjoy the proximity of the forest by walking or cycling.
map Nearby: Château du Plessis-Bourré - Angers
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Tiny house in La Fleche
72200 La Flèche ♦ Sarthe

Rental for 2-4 people

In 22 km* from Daumeray

Cozy, authentic and ecological Tiny House, located at the gates of the city of La Flèche, in a natural setting close to the Zoo de la Flèche! You will find all the comforts of home in a minimalist and ecological version: dry toilets, shower and hygiene products certified organic.
map Nearby: Zoo de la Flèche - Le Mans
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Holiday home near Angers and Saumur in France near DaumerayAdd sélection
Gîte du Chabeau

Holiday cottage in Vieil Baugé
49150 Le Vieil Baugé ♦ Maine et Loire

300€ / 400€

Rental for 2-3 people

In 27 km* from Daumeray

The holiday cottage is an attractive small farmhouse restored (tuffeaux, beams, floor-tiles) with at the ground floor a vast living room with big fireplace and its baker's oven, in the 1st floor a bedroom and an alcove, for 3 persons.
map Nearby: Baugé - Beaufort - Durtal - La Flèche - Le Lude - Angers - Saumur - Vallée de La
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Holiday cottages in Anjou, France. near DaumerayAdd sélection
La Grange de la Gandonnerie

Holiday cottages in Bauge en Anjou
49150 Baugé en Anjou ♦ Maine et Loire

400€ / 400€

Rental for 4-6 people

In 27 km* from Daumeray

Rent of 2 holiday cottages of 50m², for pers 4/6 each, ideally situated in the Maine-et-Loire on the axis Angers, Saumur, Fleche, Durtal, near numerous castles, monuments, zoo and outdoor activities. In family, in couple or between friends you will be delighted with your stay the year Anjou.
map Nearby: Saumur - La Fleche - Angers - Durtal
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Holiday rentals Daumeray

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