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Holiday home close to Dijon in Burgundy, France. near FrenoisAdd sélection
Gîte Les Savines

Holiday home in Savigny sous Malain
21540 Savigny sous Malain ♦ Cote d'Or

670€ / 780€

Rental for 7-12 people

In 25 km* from Frenois

Independent holiday cottage with 5 bedrooms which can welcome up to 11 persons. Situated in Côte-d'Or, in 20 minutes from Dijon and in 35 minutes of Beaune, this holiday cottage is ideal to be with family or between friends for a stay in Burgundy(Bourgogne). Possible weekends except summer holidays.
map Nearby: Dijon - Beaune - Sombernon - Alésia - Commarin - Canal de Bourgogne
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Holiday cottages in Cote d'Or, Burgundy near FrenoisAdd sélection
Gîtes du Moulin de Saint-Germain

Holiday cottages in Saint Germain le Rocheux
21510 Saint Germain le Rocheux ♦ Côte d'or

200€ / 480€

Rental for 2-3 et 5 people

In 30 km* from Frenois

Le Moulin de St Germain is located in the forest on the edge of a brook trout. A cottage for 5 people is located in the former miller's house across from the Moulin and a cottage for 2 / 3 persons fitted simply lies in the adjoining barn.
map Nearby: Chatillon/Seine - Dijon - Saumur en Auxois - Abbaye de Fontenay - Alésia
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