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Rental Orne

Holiday rentals, cottages in Moulicent - Orne

Self catering accommodation, chalet, holiday home in Moulicent and near Moulicent
for your holidays in Orne and Normandy

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La Grande Noë

Stay in perched huts in Moulicent
61290 Moulicent ♦ Orne

Rental for 2 à 9 people

Moulicent Unusual stay in Normandy, here you can sleep in a perched hut close to the farm, surrounded by the small animals, or by dominating the lands of the biological farm. The region of the Perche, famous for the quality of its trees and the variety of its essences is the ideal place for a natural stay at only 1h30 from Paris. Ideal to gather its tribe, the extraordinary hut " Crazy Oak " can welcome up to 9 people.
map Nearby: Le Perche - L'Orne - Abbaye de Trappe
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Unusual stay in perched hut in Normandy. near MoulicentAdd sélection
La Cabane du Perche

Perched Huts in Saint Mard de Reno
61400 Saint Mard de Reno ♦ Orne

Rental for 2-4 people

In 12 km* from Moulicent

In the natural reserve of the Perche, on 5 hectares of meadow, in the edge of a wood, the perched hut in the trees, opens on a vast view which carries up to the woody hills of the forest. The hut is any comfort, it is isolated, heated, has a bathroom and a lounge. Peace and relaxation in the nature.
map Nearby: Mortagne au Perche - Bellême - Rémalard - Parc Naturel du Perche - La Chapelle M
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Camping *** du Perche Bellemois

Campsite in Belleme
61130 Belleme ♦ Orne

300€ / €

Rental for 2 à 6 people

In 27 km* from Moulicent

Mobile home rental in the heart of the Regional Park of Perche, on this charming 3-star campsite that invites you to spend a relaxing holiday in lush greenery in lower Normandy and less than 2 hours from Paris. Free of charge, guests can visit the municipal heated pool located next to the property.
map Nearby: Parc régional du Perche - Alençon - Le Mans
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Holiday rentals Moulicent

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