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Rental Creuse

Holiday rentals, cottages in Moutier Malcard - Creuse

Self catering accommodation, chalet, holiday home in Moutier Malcard and near Moutier Malcard
for your holidays in Creuse and Limousin

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Chez Mémé Delphine

Gite in Moutier Malcard
23220 Moutier Malcard ♦ Creuse

390€ / 480€

Rental for 2-4 people

Moutier Malcard Attractive holiday cottage for 4 persons, furnished and decorated tastefully and full comfort. Two double bedrooms, living room of 18 m². Intimate garden. No smoking.
map Nearby: Les Trois Lacs - La Châtre - Tuileries de Pouligny - Crozant
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Veï Lou Quéri

Gite or B&B in Moutier Malcard
23220 Moutier Malcard ♦ Creuse

560€ / 560€

Rental for 4 people

Moutier Malcard Warm reception in a beautiful house of character where we inhale the well-being. 3 guest roomss with living room / lounge, library, garden and closed car park. Holiday cottage for 4 people. Hosts' table. Houses not smoker.
map Nearby: Le Pays de George Sand - Les Trois Lacs - Gargilesse - Boussac
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Unusual holiday rentals in the center of France. near Moutier MalcardAdd sélection
La Prairie Étoilée

Unusual holiday rentals in Crozon sur Vauvre
36140 Crozon sur Vauvre ♦ Indre

Rental for 2 people

In 13 km* from Moutier Malcard

Treat yourself to a glamping stay (glamour-camping) and an unusual night under a Lotus tent, magical and luxurious, especially for two and with a transparent roof - here, you really sleep under the stars! You will be in the heart of the Berry countryside, near the magnificent Creuse valley with its rivers, lakes and beautiful villages...
map Nearby: La Chatre - Chateauroux
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Holiday rentals Moutier Malcard

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