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 Chambres d'hotes Panazol
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Bed & Breakfast in Panazol - Haute Vienne

B&B, guest rooms in Panazol and near Panazol
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A la Fontanille

B&B in Panazol - Limoges
87350 Panazol ♦ Haute Vienne

45€ / 85€

Panazol B&B in 10 minutes from the center of Limoges, in 2400m² of greenery ², 100 meters from the bus connection to downtown. We offer a suite of 2 bedrooms, bathroom / wc and fitted kitchen.
map Nearby: Limoges - Lacs de ST Pardoux et de Vassivière - Golfs
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La Ferme de Leychoisier

B&B in Bonnac la Cote
87270 Bonnac la Cote ♦ Haute Vienne

56€ / 158€

In 12 km* from Panazol

Panazol Guest rooms in farm near Limoges (capital of arts of fire). Vtt, walk, fishing, animal ...
map Nearby: Limoges - Monts d'Ambazac
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B&B Panazol

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