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Rental Yvelines

Holiday rentals, cottages in Rambouillet - Yvelines

Self catering accommodation, chalet, holiday home in Rambouillet and near Rambouillet
for your holidays in Yvelines and Paris-Ile-de-France

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Huttopia Rambouillet

Unusual stay in Rambouillet
78120 Rambouillet ♦ Yvelines

Rental for 2 à 5 people

Rambouillet Unusual stays in the Rambouillet forest, in a canvas or wooden tent inspired by the habitats of trappers in the Far North...
map Nearby: Foret de Rambouillet - Paris
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Accommodation in the zoo de Thoiry. near RambouilletAdd sélection
Les Tanières de Thoiry

Atypical night in the zoo de Thoiry
78770 Thoiry ♦ Yvelines

Rental for 2-3 people

In 25 km* from Rambouillet

Live an extraordinary and unforgettable experience with your family, in the heart of Thoiry Zoo. Strong emotions guaranteed! Sleep among the animals and admire them from your observation deck. You will sleep in a den with a terrace overlooking the territory of bears, bison and arctic wolves.
map Nearby: Zoo de Thoiry
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Unusual holiday accommodations versailles, near Paris.  near RambouilletAdd sélection
Huttopia Versailles

Unusual holiday rentals in Versailles
78000 Versailles ♦ Yvelines

Rental for 2 à 6 people

In 28 km* from Rambouillet

Want to visit Paris and the Palace of Versailles? This campsite hosts unusual and comfortable accommodation: Canadian tents, Cahuttes, Trapper tents... Atypical, comfortable and pleasant, these holiday accommodations promise you a superb stay at the gates of Paris.
map Nearby: Paris - Versailles
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Holiday rentals Rambouillet

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