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Bed & Breakfast in Rentières - Puy de Dome

B&B, guest rooms in Rentières and near Rentières
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Bed and Breakfast near Issoire in Auvergne. near RentièresAdd sélection
Domaine des Lilas

Bed and Breakfast in Saint Germain Lembron
63340 Saint Germain Lembron ♦ Puy de Dome

75€ / 139€

In 13 km* from Rentières

Rentières Treat yourself to a stay in bed and breakfast in an old house full of character, in the center of Auvergne, in the Puy de Dôme, between volcanoes and green hills. To the west you will find the natural park of the Auvergne Volcanoes and to the east the Livradois-Forez natural park.
map Nearby: Issoire - Brioude - Clermont-Ferrand - Parc animalier d'Auvergne - Boudes - Usson - Montperoux
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B&B in Auvergne. near RentièresAdd sélection
Chambre d'hôtes du Prieuré

Bed and Breakfast in Nonette
63340 Nonette ♦ Puy de Dôme

75€ / 180€

In 17 km* from Rentières

Rentières In a 14th century priory, located in the heart of a typical village of Auvergne, we will reserve a guest room and a private lounge with a total area of ​​100m² on the second floor, with a separate entrance.
map Nearby: Issoire - Clermont Ferrand - Brioude - La Vallée des Saints - Vulcania
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B&B near Super Besse Auvergne ski resort. near RentièresAdd sélection
Aaisa Chambres d'hôtes

Bed and Breakfast in Besse et Saint Anastaise
63610 Besse et Saint Anastaise ♦ Puy de Dome

75€ / 115€

In 17 km* from Rentières

Rentières Aaisa bed and breakfast is in the heart of Besse, 30m from the restaurants: a privileged location! Summer and winter, it is the ideal starting point for the many cultural and sporting activities offered by our beautiful region. We will be happy to advise you if you are out of inspiration: at Aaisa, we “sport” pretty well;)
map Nearby: Clermont Ferrand - Issoire - Murol - Super Besse - Puy de Sancy - Vallée de Chaudefour
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B&B in Auvergne near RentièresAdd sélection
La Chambre d'Alice

Bed and Breakfast in Yronde et Buron
63270 Yronde et Buron ♦ Puy de Dôme

75€ / 80€

In 26 km* from Rentières

Rentières Bed and Breakfast located in Auvergne in the charming hamlet of Fontcrépon nestled in the heart of nature in the region of Val d'Allier. It is located 15km from Issoire and 27km in Clermont-Ferrand. The stone houses in the heart of the village to make a place cozy and soothing.
map Nearby: Vic Le Comte - Issoire - Clermont-Ferrand - Chaîne des Puys - Les Monts Dore
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B&B Rentières

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