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Rental in Treffort Cuisiat n°12041Add sélection
Gîte Les Trois Collines

Holiday cottage in Treffort Cuisiat
01370 Treffort Cuisiat ♦ Ain

455€ / 455€

Rental for 2 people

Val Revermont It is in the typical village of Revermont, in the former vine grower house in stones that you will discover this holiday cottage. This holiday cottage for 2 persons is ideal to share moments of sweetness! At the heart of two flowery gardens, the holiday cottage with its puddle in frogs, a charming patio and its fountain give exoticism and freshness!
map Nearby: Bourg-en-Bresse - Pérouges - Macon - Nantua - Monastère Royal de Brou
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Rental in Val Revermont n°20749Add sélection
Camping *** La Grange du Pin

Campsite in Val Revermont
01370 Val Revermont ♦ Ain

290€ / €

Rental for 2 à 6 people

Val Revermont For a weekend or for the holidays, come and discover the La Grange du Pin campsite in Cuisiat in Ain. A quiet little corner in the middle of nature an hour from Lyon! Installed at the foot of Revermont, the first chain of the Jura massif, you will enjoy with family or friends a preserved and wooded setting with a body of water open for swimming and supervised in July / August. In the space, also indulge in tree climbing with the Aventures park and fill up with sensations with its Giant Zipline crossing the lake. The campsite is also the starting point for several marked hiking trails, cyclo or mountain biking, a bike park, as well as a triathlon and orienteering course and of course fishing on the lake.
map Nearby:
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Unusual holiday rental in the Jura. near Val RevermontAdd sélection
Moulin Burignat

Unusual holiday rental in Montagna le Templier
39320 Montagna le Templier ♦ Jura

Rental for 2 people

In 12 km* from Val Revermont

What could be more original than staying in this pretty shell-shaped dome as close as possible to a snail park? It can accommodate 2 people within its shell for an unusual night in the middle of nature, the terrace will allow you to enjoy the rays of the sun or to taste some farm products. Let yourself be tempted by a unique and atypical stay!
map Nearby: Parc naturel du haut Jura
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Rent of perched huts in Ain near Val RevermontAdd sélection
Cabanes de Serrières

Perched huts in Serrieres sur Ain
01450 Serrieres sur Ain ♦ Ain

Rental for 2 à 5 people

In 15 km* from Val Revermont

Rent of perched huts with a magnificent and rare panorama for all the lovers of an unusual and protected nature. The domaine des Serrières is perched in 350 m on the mount Bétet, with in its foot, the river of Ain which form an immense meander between cliffs. In overhang of the valley, it offers a remarkable landscape on the island which bears the name of a gobbled up village, the Ile Chambod, the island of 20 ha in which the flora and wildlifes get involved in clear and bluish waters of the buckle of Ain.
map Nearby: Gorges de l’Ain - Poncin - Jujurieux - Neuville sur Ain
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Holiday cottages in the Jura near Val RevermontAdd sélection
Gîtes de l'Ane à Plumes

Rentals in Coisia
39240 Coisia ♦ Jura

400€ / 650€

Rental for 3 à 8 people

In 18 km* from Val Revermont

In the heart of the Land of Lakes and Little Mountain, in an environment preserved in Zone Natura 2000 with departure for hiking. The Wooden Cab'âne for 1-6 people and The Cab'âne Stone for 2-8 people. Park, flowery meadow where our friend stayed Barnabas. Hiking, swimming, waterfall, cave, mountain biking, horse riding, fishing, boating, skiing ...
map Nearby: Le Pic d'Oliferne - Le Lac de Coiselet - La cascade de la Quinquenouille
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Unusual holiday rentals in Ain, France. near Val RevermontAdd sélection
Domaine de Mépillat

Yurt or wooden tipis in Saint Nizier le Bouchoux
01560 Saint Nizier le Bouchoux ♦ Ain

Rental for 2 à 6 people

In 27 km* from Val Revermont

Domaine de Mepillat invites you to escape and rest in a Mongolian yurt or in an original chalet in the shape of a teepee all in wood. You will find a heated swimming pool on site.
map Nearby: Tournus - Macon - Bourg en Bresse
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Holiday rentals Val Revermont

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