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Rental in Nazaré n°19360Add sélection
Camping *** Vale Paraiso Natur Park

Campsite in Nazare
2450 Nazaré ♦ Leiria

378€ / €

Rental for 2 ŕ 5 people

Valado This 3-star campsite is located on the Costa Prata, the Portuguese silver coast, ideal for a relaxing holiday in the heart of the pine forest and a few kilometers from the beaches of Nazaré. Guests can use the outdoor pool to relax. If the camp-site does not organize animations, you will nevertheless be able to benefit from the facilities of leisure of the camp-site: room and ground of sport, playground for the children or ground of petanque.
map Nearby: La Costa Prata
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Rental in Valado n°19851Add sélection
Camping *** Valado

Camping in Valado
2450 Valado ♦ Leiria

304€ / €

Rental for 2 ŕ 7 people

Valado This 3-star campsite is located 2000m from Nazaré, in the upper part of this fishing village. Only 1800 m from the beaches, enjoy beautiful shaded areas thanks to its location in a pretty pine forest in Valado. On site, you will enjoy a beautiful outdoor swimming pool. For your leisure, there are at your disposal: a tennis court, ping-pong tables, as well as a TV and billiards room. The funicular ride is much appreciated and the beach is splendid.
map Nearby: Nazaré - La Costa Prata - Lisbonne
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Holiday accommodation in the Portugal near ValadoAdd sélection
Camping *** Land's Hause Bungalow

Camping in Leiria
2400 Leiria ♦ Leiria

79€ / €

Rental for 2-4 people

In 28 km* from Valado

This attractive 4 stars camping is situated in Portugal in the middle of wood of Leiria. In only 500m from the village and in 5km from the beaches, this camping is ideal to discover Portugal. Take advantage on the spot of a beautiful swimming pool opened all year long and a spa.
map Nearby:
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Holiday rentals Valado

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