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 Chambres d'hotes Vebret
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Bed & Breakfast in Vebret - Cantal

B&B, guest rooms in Vebret and near Vebret
for your holidays in Cantal and Auvergne

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Mr et Mme Galvaing

Bed and Breakfast in Vebret
15240 Vebret ♦ Cantal

90€ / 110€

Vebret Charming bed and breakfast located in the valley between the Dordogne and Puy Mary. Swimming pool, playground and bike path. Nearby: Barrage de Bort-les-organs, Salers and Puy-husband, Puy de Sancy Besse and Chandesse.
map Nearby: Bort les Orgues - Mauriac - Salers - Riom les Montagnes - Chateau de Val
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Chambre d'Apchon

Bed and Breakfast in Apchon
15400 Apchon ♦ Cantal

40€ / 62€

In 17 km* from Vebret

Vebret Bed and Breakfast in the beautiful village of Apchon at an altitude of 1050m, the Mecca of the green tourism in Auvergne. 2 guest rooms for 2 people, fully equipped with private entrance welcomes you for your holidays in the Cantal.
map Nearby: Riom ès Montagnes - Condat - Ségur les villas - Murat - Puy Mary - Super Lioran
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B&B Vebret

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