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Bed & Breakfast in Vebret - Cantal

B&B, guest rooms in Vebret and near Vebret
for your holidays in Cantal and Auvergne

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Mr et Mme Galvaing

Bed and Breakfast in Vebret
15240 Vebret ♦ Cantal

80€ / 110€

Vebret Charming bed and breakfast located in the valley between the Dordogne and Puy Mary. Swimming pool, playground and bike path. Nearby: Barrage de Bort-les-organs, Salers and Puy-husband, Puy de Sancy Besse and Chandesse.
map Nearby: Bort les Orgues - Mauriac - Salers - Riom les Montagnes - Chateau de Val
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Charming B&B in the Cantal, Auvergne. near VebretAdd sélection
Autre Temps : Charme & Spa

Bed and Breakfast in Marchal
15270 Marchal ♦ Cantal

100€ / 140€

In 13 km* from Vebret

Vebret Bed and breakfast of charm in the wilderness; well-being and harmony are appropriate to relax you in Cantal (Auvergne) at 1h from Clermont-Ferrand. Our three B&B rooms can welcome 2 people and have each a different decoration. Soon, opening of the space well-being with its Spa.
map Nearby: Bort les Orgues - Super Besse - Lac Pavin - Mauriac Chateau de Val - Massif du Sancy
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Chambre d'Apchon

Bed and Breakfast in Apchon
15400 Apchon ♦ Cantal

40€ / 50€

In 17 km* from Vebret

Vebret Bed and Breakfast in the beautiful village of Apchon at an altitude of 1050m, the Mecca of the green tourism in Auvergne. 2 guest rooms for 2 people, fully equipped with private entrance welcomes you for your holidays in the Cantal.
map Nearby: Riom ès Montagnes - Condat - Ségur les villas - Murat - Puy Mary - Super Lioran
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Bed and Breakfast in Singles
63690 Singles ♦ Puy de Dôme

50€ / 90€

In 24 km* from Vebret

Vebret In the idyllic setting of a restored farmhouse in the Auvergne, we offer 3 B&B rooms, with a capacity of 9 persons. Giving you a break around vastness of the landscape of Auvergne.
map Nearby: Bagnol - Lacs de Chambon, Pavin et Chauvet - St Sauves - La Tour d'Auvergne
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B&B near the Puy Mary in Auvergne, France. near VebretAdd sélection
Chez MaryElise

Bed and Breakfast in Le Claux
15400 Le Claux ♦ Cantal

69€ / 99€

In 25 km* from Vebret

Vebret At the foot of Puy Mary, in the town of Claux, we are pleased to welcome you to our renovated farm, the aptly named Mary Elise dating from 1840. We offer three guest rooms: La Chambre Sérénité, La Chambre Rêverie and La Chambre Quietude. Come and recharge your batteries at the proclamation of our beautiful countryside.
map Nearby: Riom es Montagnes - Murat - Saint Flour - Aurillac - Salers - Puy Mary
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B&B Vebret

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